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Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year 2014

Our mummy's friend, Uncle Ivan had taken a series of beautiful photos for us during Chinese New Year 2014! Uncle Ivan and Auntie Bee Yen with their new member Cookie,  paid us a visit during CNY. All of us looks so good in the pictures! Don't you agree? Mummy going to choose one to frame it up!      

Sniper, Waren, Want Want, Wally, Cooper and Wonder!

Wonder, Sniper, Waren, Want Want, Wally and Cooper!

Sniper, Want Want, Wally, Cooper and Wonder! Waren got impatient and jumped off! lol!

Waren, Want Want, Wally, Cooper and Wonder! Waren back, Sniper missing lol!

Princess Want and King Wally hidding from Cookie!

Cooper, Want Want, Wally, Sniper, Waren and Wonder!

Cute and tiny Cookie with Princess Want!

Princess Want: Mummy help help I don't want Cookie to come near! Lol!

Photos credit to Ivan Wong (Cookiemunster's)

Friday, April 4, 2014

My Paul Frank Fur Kiddos!

Hi there! Finally mummy is going to update some recent photos of us! We are all still well and as cute as ever! We thank God for healing Wally who was down with mites infection in the year 2012 and again in 2013. Under God's healing power and aunt's meticulous care, he has recovered well. 

Here's some of the photos taken in Feb 2014... mummy bought lots of Paul Frank clothing for us! Enjoy our cute photos!

So cute right! My Monday to Saturday adorable shih tzu darlings!!! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Our Christmas Celebration 2012!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2013 to all our pooch friends out there! Hope all of you have enjoyed your Christmas with lots of good food and presents! As for us, we enjoyed ourselves! Our mummy baked for us and aunt cooked for us! We received presents from our best friend and mummy's buddy! 

Durian Logcake specially made for us! Thank you mummy! Recipe refers to here.

The durian cake was baked in X'mas muffin cups too!

Sweetheart Wally and Princess Want are mummy's best model! The rest of them hate to take pictures! lol!

Our special X'mas dinner prepared by aunt - Fish with carrot stew! Yummy! 

X'mas presents from our best friend! He bought 2 new beds for us! We love it as it's so comfortable!

Wally, Sniper and Want Want received X'mas presents from mummy's buddy! Thank you Auntie Sharon!

Now we are looking forward to our New Year dinner... aunt told mummy to buy some lamb for us...yeah! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Princess Want Happy 10th Barkday's Celebration!

On the 23rd Nov 2012 was Princess Want Want 10th Barkday! Mummy working on that day so the celebration was done on the next day. Mummy planned a feast for her! Baked a yummy and beautiful cake, and cooked a sumptuous dinner for her! All of us were overjoyed because we got a share too! Barkday is no dog kibbles day!!! Yeah yeah yeah!!!  

Happy 10th Barkday to Princess Want Want girl!!! Stay healthy and cute always! You are always mummy's sweetest girl! Love you so much!

Mummy the cake looks so tempting!!! I can't wait!

Mummy latest hobby... Instagram! A beauiful picture of me from Instagram!

Everybody cheers for Princess Want!!! A pity Win Win girl no longer with us...sad sad sad! Win win is always be missed! Hope you are enjoying yourself in heaven!

Oh mummy took one with Instagram too... this picture looks nicer right!

Finally was time to cut the cake!

All ready to serve!

All of us were enjoying except the troublesome Wonder girl was missing!!! Angry!!! She is so spoilt... always wants to be fed!!! 

I was enjoying myself but not forgetting to give mummy a good shot!

Our dinner for the evening was Stewed lamb with vegetables and pasta! 

This pretty golden nugget was Salmon and pumpkin patties as side dish!

Oh mummy looking for a good bright spot for photo taking! She simply loves to take pictures on every single edible! 

Mummy are you done? We were very hungry already and need to eat immediately! You see King Wally was barking non stop behind me!

Finally the long awaited dinner was served! Thank you mummy for the satisfying treat! We will have a good dream tonight! Muak Muak!