Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy 15th Birthday to Wally...my fav boy!

28th May 2014

Oh my! Wally is 15th! Happy barksday to my dearest darling boy - Wally!!! Stay healthy, mischievous and active always! Thanks for the 15 years of loyalty, love, fun and companionship that you have given us! Mummy looking forwards to many more years to share with you!

A mini strawberry cake from PB for the celebration!

Looks at his signature look! lol!

Can't wait anymore!

Started barking because getting impatient!

Special barksday meal - Steak with salmon and potatoes pie!

Giving me the kind impatient look! Taking photo again!!! lol!

Aiyo I taste a bit first la...! haha...


  1. He looks energetic. Happy Barkday! That plate is really cute by the way.