Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My doggies daily home-cooked meal...

My dogs have 2 meals a day with 3 teabreaks.

Their standard meal times:
Breakfast 6.00 am - 2 tbsp of homecooked veg & salmon mix with 1 tbsp of kibbles (see pic)
Teabreak at 11.30 am - Home-made baked chicken/fish (sort of dry jerky treat)
Teabreak at 3.30 pm - Same as above or sometimes cakes / muffin if I made
Dinner at 8.00 pm - homecooked carrot & cod fish dinner mix with 2 tbsp of kibbles (see pic)
After dinner - Routine cleaning up (cleaning of face, body & paw & combing of hair)
Last break at 10.00pm - Fruits - usually pear/kiwi/papaya/plum or once a while durian.
(For Kibbles - they are on Solid gold holistic & California herring & sweet potatoes)

It has become so routine that when times up, they will remind us. Usually the homecooked meals, my aunt will prepare for 2 weeks, packed into daily portions & freeze it.

Chopped Celery & Carrot with salmon bits (sometimes we use beef bits)

Carrot & cod fish dinner (their fav and cod fish is full of omega so is good for their skin)


  1. Wow..your dogs are emjoying healthy yummy home-cooked meal like my boys & girl. Looks very delicious to me...yummy! You love your dogs vry much I think there are not many people willing to cook for their dogs

  2. Yes I love them very much. I am lucky to have my Aunt staying with me who also love them very much, she will help me to look after them too.