Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Favourite corners in the day...

Every one of them have their favourite corners in the house during daytime when my aunt's doing housework or cooking. I manage to snap a few photos of them yesterday.

Sniper like to sleep on the mini sofa (specially for them). Usually my aunt will stack all their cushions on their sofa when she is mopping floor and Sniper will definitely jump onto it. Then he will take his nap there for at least 2 hours. Look how cosy and relax he was in the photo...
Some of them, Win win, Want want & Waren will sit on the balcony bench sun bathing and napping while Aunt mopping floor. Sometimes Wally & Cooper will join them too.

This is their favourite corner in the kitchen, they like to squeeze together at the corner on the rag while aunt doing cooking or laundry in the kitchen. (Photos - Win Win, Cooper & Want Want)


  1. So cute! they have preferences.hehe

    Boy n Baby

  2. Ya, they are really very cute... and sometimes quite entertaining too...