Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's Waren 4th Years Old Barkday!

Today is my gorgeous boy, Waren 4th barkday! Happy Barkday Sweet darling!

Since I don't have time to bake or cook anything for him so I bought a Japanese Light Cheesecake from Ichiban Boshi for him (of course to share among the 6 of them and us) when I was having my dinner earlier. Though it's not very healthy to give them this type of human cake but it's ok once in the blue moon.

This was his barkday cake but it's really difficult to get a nice photo of him. In the end I gave up so these were some of the not so nice photos I managed to take.

We also bought a present for him. A softtoy rainbow bone. He love to play but Wally was very naughty kept snatching it from him.

Playing his BD present in his favourite corner...


  1. Happy Birthday, Waren! Yummy cake..ll =Droooool=


  2. Hi Chef & Vodka,

    Thank you....

    Yes, I enjoyed the cake very much and mummy gave me the biggest piece!


  3. Howdy Waren,

    Happy BIG birthday to U. Nice cake and lovely presents.

  4. Where did you get that lime green blanket/bed?? It looks so cool. That would be perfect during the hot months.

  5. Hi Sybil,

    That's a sofa cushion pad. You can find it in most departmental store in Singapore. Sometimes big hyper mart like Carrefour, Giant & NTUC Xtra has it too.