Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What about Cooper?

Was Coo coo affected by the vaccin, I don't think so...LOL! His appetite still as good... Was he tired, I really can't tell as he's always sleeping...

Near dinner time, both of them stand by at the kitchen doorstep, waiting for their meal till fell asleep. The father and daughter, oh gosh... they looked so alike, right!

After Coo had his fruit, he fell asleep again...

Coo: Mummy, I love to sleep on your leg, so comfortable...


  1. Thats what I call a dog life, eat & sleep. Haha

    I got upset tummy these day, I dont feel like eating and thats freak mom out coz Im a food lover.

    slurpy licks,

  2. yes, they look so alike. Like father like daughter XD

    best regards

  3. haha..
    reali look alike leh...
    so sweet hor..

  4. Glad U all doing well after the vaccines. Our patriarch had adverse reaction to the yearly vaccine when he was 7th years old. Part of the muscle gone at the site of the vaccine.

    Thanks for letting us know you how you all are doing. You pooches have the BEST mommy. ^_^