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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Waren was hurt by naughty Sniper!

Goodness, my naughty Sniper boy scatched Waren's nose. One little piece of skin came off and was bleeding for awhile! Poor Waren! Thank God was not the eye if not will be worst. We punished Sniper by ignoring him the whole day. I was wondering does he know he did something wrong that we were punishing him?

The incident happened yesterday morning when Waren wanted to come near me to greet me Gd Morning at my bed. At that moment Sniper was with me, he's always very frustrated in the morning when others wanted to come near me. Sometimes, he will growl but that morning he snapped at Waren using his paw. Just one snap and Waren was hurt! We were so angry with him...

Poor Waren but still look handsome!

At the corner of the nose where there was a little patch of redness. Anyway, we can't apply any medication as he will lick it away so just let it heal by itself.

The Nasty & Naughty Sniper!!! During bedtime last night, I was lecturing him and he gave me this guilty look!


  1. oh ... Hope Waren is feeling better! (:

    best regards

  2. Oh poor Waren, I hope his wound get better soon. Sniper oh Sniper, be nice k.

    slurpy lick

  3. Hi Vodka & Twinkle,

    Thank you! My nose wound is healing and I think by next week I will have my whole black nose again:):):)


  4. Hello Warren,

    We give you HUGS & KISSES of your injury.

    I, Emmy, bite my big sister (Emma) ear to bleed and had bite mark when I was 3 months old. I learned a hard lessons as mom seperated us for a week while human was at work. Now, I learned to play nice. For sure Sniper had learned from his punishment as I had learned from mine. tee..hee...

  5. Hi Emma & Emmy,

    Waren: Thank you!

    I hope Sniper learnt his lesson too...

  6. Poor Waren... Huggies n kisses juz for u... Hope u r alright...

  7. Hi Janz,

    Thank you for your hugs & kisses!