Sunday, October 4, 2009

Feel so good after grooming!

We were being groomed on 13th Sep (Sat) by mummy before she went for her holidays the following week. Oh no, we are going to miss her dearly for a week especially me... We were groomed shorter than before, we felt so good and refreshing to have shorter coat.

We had a fashion parade after grooming... hahaha! All of us are quite vain, we like to wear clothing too. Everytime mummy brought out those t-shirts, we will go to her willingly and let her put it on for us. See what each of us were wearing...

Batman Wally & Sweet Win Win

Adidog Sniper & Macho Cooper

Pretty Want want & Adidog Waren

Wonder girl was here too...

Wonder will be staying with us for 2 week because her parents are going for holiday too!

We are one big happy family - The Wenwill's

From left: Waren, Wonder, Want, Wally, Win, Coo & Sniper.

Everybody look here and say "woof woof"....


  1. Pretty Want want is soooooo cute and adorable !!!!

    Hugs hugs from aunty A

  2. so cute...want to hug all of them...

  3. You gangs are so pretty with those cute clothes. Happy Birthday to you WIN WIN (Oct 12th), and many more. Hugys =^_^=

  4. Hi Emma & Emmy,

    Thank both of u for remembering my 10th birthday today! Thanks for the huggies...

    My mummy made something yummy for me for breakfast! She is going to post up the recipe later...

  5. Uwaaaa... What a great shot of all of you.
    Makes me wanna give each and every one of you a big hug :)

    *hugz hugz hugz hugz hugz hugz hugz*
    Pochi Poronchi