Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wally went to dentist!

Wally was at Namly yesterday, Dr ling did a polishing, scaling & extraction of a decay tooth for him. He also had a general check up and blood test to check his heart & kidney. We are so happy that Dr Ling said he is fine and very healthy though he is almost 10.5 years old but it also cost us a bomb. Though generally her pricing is still more reasonable than other clinic. Wally been seeing Dr ling of Namly Animal Clinic since puppyhood. All our dogs go to her too. We trust her very much.

He need to fast since the night before from 10pm so he was extremely hungry and thirsty when he was back from the clinic. Good for him to fast once awhile as it actually did some detox for him like human.

Wally on the way to the clinic, he has to stay there from 9am to 3pm.

Wally: Mummy where are we going???

Wally back from the clinic, looking good...

Wally: Mummy, look at my teeth so white and clean now, no more odour! woof woof!!! Mummy don't have to stay away from my kisses anymore...

Wally kissing mummy ...


  1. Wally is soo cute, with her white teeth.
    No wonder she a darling.

    Steven Leo

  2. Hi Steven,

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Hello Wally,

    Glad your dentist took care of the rotten tooth.


  4. Meat flavored toothpaste is the best!

    Benny "The Tank"

  5. Hi Benny "The Tank",

    Thanks for visiting us! Yes, my mummy is going to buy one for me!