Friday, April 23, 2010

New toys & Doreamon mat

Woof woof woof!!! Our dear Mum got us some new toys and a Doreamon mat. As usual Wally & Waren who love to play toys are the first to grab hold of it. Sniper was not very interested with the toys at the moment which he usually love to snatch it from them (that's why Aunt always say he is a bad boy! Lol!) because he preferred to conquer the Doreamon mat instead.

Walking & Barking Pug with Waren

Waren: Hello, how are you puggy? Haha you are mine!

Waren love this new friend, it will walk and bark operated by battery. Wally hates it and gets irritated when the pug went near him, he will bark at him non stop. However, it was spoiled already after some rough play by Waren.

Duckling in car with Wally

Wally: Don't come near, this is mine!

New soft toy from Ikea. Our mum bought it when she went Ikea for lunch. Wally loves it and till now till playing it even after so many days.

Doreamon Mat with Sniper

Hahaha...Sniper experimenting all kinds of position possible on this new mat. Since having this mat, Wally & Sniper been fighting over it everyday. Wally treat it as his toy always like to chew on the Doreamon's eyes but to Sniper is his favourite resting mat. So when Sniper saw Wally playing the Doreamon's eye, he will get very grouchy and chase him away. That's when the fighting starts.


  1. Hi Wen

    Its amazing that you have so many shih tzu. I have a 1 year old shih tzu too. How i wish i can have a few more do my gal wont be so lonely! BTW, saw the treats you baked for them and they look so delicious. Can I ask if the ingredients are readily available from major supermarkets? I wana try baking for my ger.

    Cheers, Angela

  2. Hi Angela,

    Are u referring to the milk bun? Yes, all the ingredients can be found in the supermarket. Happy Baking!

  3. Hi Wen

    Actually i like all of your recipes! however, i saw that you use garlic and I read that its not safe for dogs to eat. Is it true?


  4. Hi Angela,

    For what I understand, onion is not safe but not garlic. A very small dose of garlic for flavour is alright. If you are worried can omit it from the recipe.

    Here's a website you may be interested to read about garlic for dogs -

    Wen & Mast

  5. Hi Wen

    I just made Shepherd's pie for my ger and she loves it! she was practically gulping the food down!


  6. Hi, I'm so happy I found you & pet blogs in general. How could I be so dumb to be on here reading blogs & never realize that there's pet blogs! It's where I belong! My sister has a Shih tzu so I can't wait to show her your beautiful babies! They look to be a joy! I'll be back fur sure,LOL & I will be watching & reading the rest of their adventures. Great to meet you!