Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy 12th Barkday to Win Win!

A belated barkday celebration for Win Win on Sunday (16/10/11)... actual day on 12th Oct! All of us are so happy because barkday means there will be feast too! Mummy cooked a nice dinner and made a cake for Win! And of course everyone of us get a share too!

Happy 12th Barkday to Win Win!!!
May you stay healthy and happy always! We love you!

Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake

Can't wait already... let me try a bit first! Woof woof....

Aiyo mummy ... you are torturing me you know... Still want me to pose for u in front of all these food...! Lol!

Cake for dessert and tea break, as for dinner we had lamb burger and Salmon Sweet Potato Cake! Yum Yum!

Our dinner... a big chunk of lamb burger with 2 pieces of salmon sweet potato cake! So satisfying!


  1. You are an awesome mommy and chef!

  2. Happy Birthday Win Win. You are still looking as cute as ever!

  3. so cuteeee....i feel so ticklish looking at all of them. Happy birthday win win.

    Love, Sally

  4. Hi There,

    Just wondering, does your little furry friends always have any kind of itching and scratching on their body? If yes, can you share with me on how you prevent that from happening?

    Mrs D

  5. Hi! Have you fed your babies the small persimmons? I think they're called Japanese persimmons.

  6. Hi Sybil,

    No never feed them persimmons before. Think they may not be able to digest the skin well.