Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy 13th Barkday to Wally Sweetheart!

Times fly... my sweetheart Wally is 13th today!!! Happy Barkday! Stay healthy and young always!

Mummy want to thank you for giving us so much joy everyday! Weather is so warm nowadays, forgive mummy for not baking for you. A Japanese light cheesecake from Breadtalk for you and Aunt.  

It's also Aunt's birthday! Happy birthday to my dearest Aunt too! 

Lots of treat! All are Wally's favourites! Barkday present from Wally's best friend, my brother Ivan! Thanks for loving them so much too! 

Greedy boy on action...lol! Anyone want to sign him for dog food advertisement! Wally's enjoying his barkday dinner - Hainanese Chicken Rice!


  1. Look at all those goodies, Happy Bark Day Wally!

  2. Wow his cake has a dog in the middle. That gave me an idea for my baby's cake. I really love your blog.