Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year 2014

Our mummy's friend, Uncle Ivan had taken a series of beautiful photos for us during Chinese New Year 2014! Uncle Ivan and Auntie Bee Yen with their new member Cookie,  paid us a visit during CNY. All of us looks so good in the pictures! Don't you agree? Mummy going to choose one to frame it up!      

Sniper, Waren, Want Want, Wally, Cooper and Wonder!

Wonder, Sniper, Waren, Want Want, Wally and Cooper!

Sniper, Want Want, Wally, Cooper and Wonder! Waren got impatient and jumped off! lol!

Waren, Want Want, Wally, Cooper and Wonder! Waren back, Sniper missing lol!

Princess Want and King Wally hidding from Cookie!

Cooper, Want Want, Wally, Sniper, Waren and Wonder!

Cute and tiny Cookie with Princess Want!

Princess Want: Mummy help help I don't want Cookie to come near! Lol!

Photos credit to Ivan Wong (Cookiemunster's)


  1. So happy to hear everyone is fine. Thank you for posting. I miss seeing everyone

  2. BTW, who is little Cookie???

  3. That brown dog looks like a stuffed toy until I saw it move. Woah!