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Monday, October 27, 2008

Cooper - Biggest size of all but most baby like, always want to carry...

Our 4th - Cooper

Barkday - 3 June 2001

Favourite - Nothing except food and sleep ...

Cooper has a very good temperment and very obedient. Though quite timid at times but comes to food, he will never give in and will fight all the way if Sniper snap at him. He is a big hugable bear to me, I can hug him like a bolster and sleep through the nite.

He came to us when he was almost 6 mths plus. During his first few years with us, we maintain him in long coat for dog show but he didn't manage to gain the title. We had given up this hobby since Yr 05. Since then he was in short coat, enjoying his life as a pet dog now.

Cooper - during his show day ...

Cooper is Want Want's daddy. Father & daughter at show ground.

Cooper @ Yr 2006 - the first time with the long coat gone, looking quite sad...
26.10.08 - After grooming

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