Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sniper - Naughtiest of all & very domineering, fearless except me, rain & thunder...

Our 3rd - Sniper
(actually should be Wonder girl but now she is staying with my uncle)

Barkday - 20th February 2001

Favourite - Sleep & outing (kai kai)! He can sleep the whole day especially after grooming, he will go into depression mood. He is naughty but very cute too as he has lots of funny little actions. He is the security guard of our house as he likes to guard the door and he will bark till you answer when the phone rings... And his favourite person is his daddy and he will only kiss him.

His name really suit him well, Sniper always snap at the rest suddenly and snatch toys from others, very domineering. This make him very independent as the rest will gang up and fight him at times.

He is not as greedy as the rest and his favourite food is papaya & of course durian. Though he is seem very bold but when thunder & rain comes, he become very timid and want you to hug and carry him.

Sniper looking so sweet and gorgerous at 4 mths old.

Sniper, the curly hair boy sometimes we call him the bear bear.

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