Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wally - The sweetest & smartest of all & always so loyal to me...

Our 1st darling - WALLY

Barkday - 30 May 1999 (7 Aug 1999)

Favourite - Outing (kaikai), food (mum mum) & me (his mummy) ...

He is the smartest, he always understand what you say or command. He can do tricks like paw paw (shake hand), roll over, go under, call & play hide & seek with you. He will alert you by barking when he wants something. He is a gourmet too, very picky on food and wants good food only. Favourite is durian!

He has taken the most photos among the rest.

The first week with us ... he was about 3 months old. Oh he looked so small.

Since young, Wally loved to take photos and he will even pose for you. He was about 6months old in the pictures. So cute my darling!

Wally at about 7+ months old with long coat....

With the introduction of my 2nd dog - Win Win. She is Wally's first companion.

Wally at 1 year plus without the topnot. Ha ha looked funny right? Like an old man...

Wally at 2 years plus, still in long coat.

Taken in Yr 2003 (3 years plus), finally trim off his coat and since then in short coat.

My sweetheart Wally, getting older each year but seem like looking younger...

Wally after grooming on 25 Oct 08

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