Sunday, October 26, 2008

Win Win - Love to kiss, lick & eat ... Always so lovng!

Our 2nd - Win Win

Barkday - 12 Oct 1999

Favourite - Food simply everything (mum mum), outing (kai kai), kissing you & licking herself.

She is a beauty, loving and easy going dog. Always cool and bold but afraid of Sniper cos he always like to snap at her. She loves to clean up others dinner bowl till sparkling clean. Sometimes, we call her vaccum cleaner. Hahaha....

She had accomplished the most among the rest. She is a retired Champion Show Dog and mother to 3 litters of puppies. We had kept 2 of them, they are Want Want & Waren.

Here are some of her photos from puppy till now...

Win Win during her show days ... From Yr 2000 to 2002

Win Win without topnot & maintain at short coat till now.

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