Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy 6th Barkday to Want Want - My Pretty Princess!

It's Want's 6th barkday! Happy Barkday, my pretty princess girl...

This morning, I given her the Little woman toy and she loves it. She been playing and guarding it from the others the whole sunday morning.

Here's some of her cute captions with her toys...

Waren trying to distract her so he can have the toy...

Want want is working very hard to guard her present...

The menu for her barkday's feast will be:
1. Durian Barkday Cake
2. Baked Mini Beef Burger
3. Grill Fish Serve With Stewed Vegetables & Brown Rice.

I have just finished baking the cake, later in the evening, I will try decorating it. The rest are ready too, just need to cook it later in the evening.

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