Sunday, November 23, 2008

Want Want Barkday Dinner on 23.11.08!

All of them were so excited when I was taking photos of those food and cake I prepared for Want's BD. Finally it's time to serve them dinner!

After dinner and cleaning them up, I was so tired but was happy to see them so satisfied with the meal I specially prepared for them. And for Want, she got the biggest portion because it's her day!

Will be cutting the cake later at 10pm because all of them were so full. All their stomach were so rounded!!! haha...


  1. Hi Wen

    Your doggie home-cooked meal look so yummy veggie, grilled fish somemore wow! If I have time, I wish I could make such a tasty meal for my boys & girl...I am too lazy..

  2. Ya, it's quite time consuming & tiring... They get to eat like that only on occasion like birthdays. So it's only few times a year I will cook for them.