Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy 8th Barkday To Bear Bear Boy, Sniper!!!

Today is our bear bear boy, Sniper's 8th years old barkday! As it fall on working day so i didn't have time to cook or bake anything for him but I bought him a little present and a little blueberry muffin... Since it's his birthday I also brought him out for a long walk after dinner.

Sniper really look like a handsome little bear with curly hair. He is the most naughty among the rest so Aunt always very angry with him as he likes to pick up fight with the rest.

Some of the photos taken just now during his walk with Wally... He likes cats and he will really chase after them if I did not put on the leash on him.

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to Sniper... Happy birthday to you!
Love from Daddy, Mummy & Auntie!


  1. Happy belated Barkday to Sniper!!!

    Hi, Im Twinkle and I like your blog. Do you mind if I link you to my blog?? Sniper, I like your curly hair, is it original??? I like the way you groom, so boyish, not like mine. The groomer always groom me like a girl.

    slurpy licks,

  2. Hi Twinkle,

    Thank for your wishes and nice meeting you!

    It's our pleasure to be linked by you and we like to link you to us too... I like your blog too.

    Yes, mine is natural curl, it's get even more curly when is longer. Thanks to my mummy for always grooming me so boyish...


  3. Happy Birthday Sniper, and MANY MORE.

    Hugs & Kisses
    Emma & Emmy