Thursday, February 26, 2009

Poor Win Win Broke Her Nail Today!

This morning, she broke her nail while jumping down from the bed. Usually she don't dare to jump but don't know why this morning she was so impatient. We didn't even know till we saw traces of blood all over the house. Then aunt started checking each of their paws and found out Win's paw was bleeding quite badly. The whole nail was broken and she quickly cleaned up the wound using antiseptic lotion & apply stop bleed powder.

In the evening, when I came home from work, I trimmed away her paw hair so it's easier to apply medication. Now, her paw is liked poodle leg... LOL. Thank God, the wound has started to dry up, just need to wash & apply antiseptic cream till it totally close up. Hopefully, the nail will grow back.

Poor baby, Moody Win Win!

Win Win: Mummy, so pain pain, I'm so tired now...


  1. awww, hope Win Win nails grow back soon! :]

    best regards

  2. Hello Win Win,

    Oh.. we are sorry to hear your nail is hurt. It must be painful.

    LOTS of Hugs & Kisses from us to U

  3. Hi to all,

    Thank you!

    I'm ok already and no more pain. I think my nail has started growing... Yeh!!!

    Win win

  4. hi hi...
    been reading yr blog...

    care to link up?
    hope win win will get well soon..
    must be very painful though..
    hug hug...

    Dou Dou & mummy...

  5. Hi Elaine and Dou Dou,

    Thanks for visiting our blog. Dou Dou you are so gorgeous!

    We would love to link up...