Monday, March 9, 2009

My Collection Of Dog Related Books

During the last weekend, I was packing my bookshelf and realised that I have a few dog related books... Actually most of them were not read, just browsing most of the time. Some were bought and some were given to me by friends who used to own dogs. All were collected during the first 2 years when we started to fall in love with Shih Tzus. Except for The Ulimate Dog Treat Cookbook was bought by my aunt through online mail order last year. Even that, we also haven't tried out the recipe in the cookbook.

So, I have decided to make "My adorable shih tzus" blog more interesting and informative. I'm going to try out the recipe in the cookbook and post up the recipes since I love to cook and bake. Gradually, I will start reading the other books and try to extract interesting tips and guides for my doggies readers.

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  1. My family is same as yours have collection of books after they fell in love with Perry, our patriarch.