Monday, March 23, 2009

Cooper & Wally annual vaccination

Saturday - 21/3/09

On Saturday, we brought Coo Coo boy and sweetheart Wally to Namly clinic for their anuual vaccin & check up. Dr Ling who has been their vet since young, said that they are very healthy and glad that they are free of skin problem which are very common to shih tzus.

Coo: Oh no, mummy is bringing us to let doctor poke poke! So worry...
Wally: Ya, me too... Don't understand why every year they must let the doctor poke us??? On the way to Namly Animal Clinic at Namly Place...

Wally: Oh no... Dr Ling calling me!!!

Coo: Thank God, after all not so pain la... Can relax now!

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  1. You guys are so brave. We HATE to see doctor. tee..hee..