Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cute & funny shots taken in Apr 09

Our mummy has not been updating our blog recently. As usual she was very busy with her work, her baking & her own blog! Finally she updated some of our cute pictures taken in Apr 09 today... Enjoy!

Win Win: My favourite rat but don't be mistaken I'm not a cat...

Win win: I also like to sleep like human, hahaha like mummy....
Win win: This my daughter, Want Want Princess Girl. She like to sit on our aunt's lap like human too!
Want want: Mummy, I give you a nice pose for your picture, ok!

Want want: Mummy, is this good enough? I can sit like that for very long you know...

Want want: Naughty mummy, making fun of us but I quite like it as I think I look quite pretty in it. hahaha! Don't you all think so?

Want want: I think I really look like my father, Cooper!

Want want: oh my handsome little brother - Waren, he really hated the towel on his head and he was smarter as he managed to untie it. 3 cheers for Waren!

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