Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cooper's right eye ulcer burst!

Poor Cooper! Since last week his right eye was down with an ulcer and we thought with the usual medication, he will be fine. However, the ulcer didn't get well and his eye seem to be getting worst so we brought him to the Vet yesterday.

Dr Ling said the ulcer has burst and it's quite serious. Need to apply medication every hour and also gave him some painkiller. We have to bring him back on Wed for review and if it don't get better then she need to do an operation on his eye. We pray hard that he will be ok by then. To prevent him from scratching, Cooper has to put on an E-collar from now on till he recover. I think his eye will take weeks to recover. Hopefully by Jun he will be fine as it's his birthday.

Cooper looking so sad and painful at the clinic while we were waiting for the medication!


  1. ouch ! it looks hurt . GET WELL SOON COOPER ! (:

  2. Cooper ,

    Aunty A wish you a speedy recovery :)


  3. get well soon Cooper boy..
    must be very pain and uncomfortable...

    hugs hugs..

  4. Hi All,

    Thanks for all the concern & wishes! Doctor said my eye will take time to heal. Now still pain and I been sleeping a lot. I really hate putting on the e-collar so uncomfortable...

    Cooper Boy