Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Lazy Sunday Morning!

Once a while mummy like to snap photos for us especially on weekend's morning. So last Sunday was one of this day where she did so. On days like this, we were allowed to laze around the sofa if not we are not allowed to go up to the sofa. That day we even took a nap there as mummy was going to wash & change the sofa cushion & cover so she won't mind us staying longer. However, when they are not around, we also went up (hehehe nobody know)... especially Wally & Sniper like to do so.

Mummy's Golden Boy & also the most Photogenic Boy ~ Wally

Aunt's Golden Girl & mummy's give her a new nickname The Attitude Girl - Princess Want Want girl!

The Youngest & The Oldest of Wenwill's - Waren & Wally!

Waren just dreamt of 'Wang Fei Hong'.... "Wu Yin Qiao"! lol!!!

Di & also Mummy's Favourite Bear Bear Boy - Sniper!

Good Boys! Come on, stay still! Let mummy took a nice pic of both of you! Yeah! Well done!

The always sleepy boy - Cooper! (actually he had hurt his eye while playing with his buddy Waren that's why one of the eye can't open properly! But is recovering after medication.)

*Notice who's missing? Yes Win win girl, she hates to take photo so that morning she went hiding!!!

We love to crowd around the dining table while our family are having meals. See, the back turn against the camera was Win Win - The noisy girl!

Hope all of you enjoy our daily photos!