Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wally's 10th Barkday Feast - Part 2

Wally's 10th Barkday Celebration - Part 2

Actually planned to bake him a cake but really very busy so decided to order a cake from US Doggie Bakery for him. Wally was so overwhelmed by the cake and all the snacks that we prepared for him.

A Boneshape Beef Muffy Cake w/Blueberry Cream from US Doggie Bakery @ S$35.00

From left - Lamb pot pie @ S$4.50, Assorted Muffin @ 5 for S$3.50, Assorted flavour Soft Cookie @ S$6.50/200g & Eclair @ 5 for S$3.50.

See how Wally enjoyed the feast...

All the above are ordered from US Doggie Bakery:
110 Turf Club Road D9-10
Singapore 288000
10.30am - 7.00pm
Tel: 6467 5676


  1. Wow, Wally and the others must be real happy having such a feast! (: I bet Wally really enjoys himself on this special day!

    best regards

  2. What a feast!

    My barkday is near yours, Wally. Mine is on 29th May and I just turned 6..

    Hope you enjoy all the yummy food and attention from all around you,


  3. Hi all,

    Yes, I really enjoyed the feast and all the attentions. Thank you my family for being so loving to me! Mummy said because is 10th bd so more special for me...

    Hi Zoopy, happy belated barkday to you!