Friday, May 29, 2009

Wally's Barkday Present - Part 3

Wally's also received a very big barkday present from his best friend who's my elder brother, Ivan. My brother love all our tzus especially adore Wally. He will always make it a point to drop by our house to visit him once a while. We always tell Wally - your best friend coming and he will wait at the door for him. Wally know we are referring to my brother, his IQ really higher than the rest... lol!

So this is Wally's best friend, my bro and he was at my place on Thur night to celebrate Wally's 10th barkday too.
Wally: Thank Ivan Gor Gor! Smack smack!!!

So what's his big barkday present??? Oh yes, is a pet stroller from Doggiefriend.
He is not used to it and wanted to come out... With this stroller, is more convenient to bring at least 2 of them out together when we go out for dinner. By then, he will sure be very eager to be inside.

On the other hand, look at Sniper... He enjoyed to be sitted inside. See he looked so calm and relax.


  1. That is a wonderful looking dog stroller.

    Have a great weekend.

    Simba and Jazzi xx

  2. wow, this is a really cool present! (: have a great weekend!

    best regards

  3. Hi Simba, Jazzi & Vodka,

    May all of u have a great weekend too!

  4. Happy Belated Barkday. Thanks for sharing your great day with us :)

  5. Hi Twinkle, thank you for all the belated wishes!

    Hi Emma & Emmy, thanks again for your BD gift and I love playing the toy.