Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy 8th Barkday to Cooper!

My big baby - Cooper's 8th barkday! It's another round of celebration but a simple one as last week they already eaten too much from Wally's feast.

Poor Cooper still on E-collar but his eye is recovering slowly and Thank God no operation needed. However he is getting used to the collar and accomodate it well. His eye is still on hourly medication (eye drops & gel) and also has to go back to the vet every week for check up until the ulcer close up completely. This week at least he can open his eye already. Maybe he knew his barkday coming... lol!

So as usual, early in the morning, I let him open his barkday present from Emma & Emmy. It's a plush toy & lead. As for us, we didn't get him toy as he is more interested in food. So we bought him a few pkts of yummy treats.

Coo Coo: Thank Emma & Emmy for this lovely toy and lead! Everyone is eyeing for my toy.... hahaha mummy kept it for me, wait till I no longer wearing the collar then can play.
Mummy can I don't share the treats with the rest??? Can't wait to have some... hehehe!

Aunt specially cooked a beef stew for Cooper (now his new nickname is 'Big Buddy' given by aunt as he is buddy to everyone!)

Coo Coo: Thank you Aunite! It's so delicious! Auntie mixed lots of this into just 1 tbsp of kibbles for me. I really enjoyed the dinner so much. The rest of them too!

Coo Coo: When Mummy came back from work just now, I had supper. Since we been eating too much flour for the last whole week so she decided to just buy me a small banana muffin for BD cake instead! And the chunky chicken & sweet potatoes treats made by Mi last night was super yummy too. I'm so satisfied and very full. Thank you so much for everything! Oops I got to go, Aunt is calling me... it's eye medicine application time again! Nite Nite!