Sunday, July 5, 2009

What about the rest?

Let's continue with the rest. Who's the next one...

The fourth placing goes to Sniper boy - 6.7kg

Sniper: Mine will be the same as Wally perfect weight will be 6.5kg so only need to lose 0.2kg. But mummy... mine is all muscle, look how macho I am!

The most perfect figure goes to the fifth placing Win Win - 6.4kg

Win win: hehehe... I have the most perfect figure even though I had given birth before. Mummy say I still have allowance, can still put on some weight about 0.4kg to 6.8kg. Yeah... no wonder I'm always hungry and wanted to eat. lol!!!

The smallest size goes to Want want girl - 6.2kg

Want want: I used to be very fat almost 7.1kg like a little piglet. Now I'm ok at 6.2kg but mummy say I have a smaller frame so to be perfect have to go down to 6kg. Anyway, mummy think that I look cute & pretty now with a little bit fat so lucky no need to slim down. Hurray!

To summarise - Weight taken on 5th Jul 09:

Cooper - 8.4kg
Waren - 7.1kg
Wally - 6.8kg
Sniper - 6.7kg
Win win - 6.4kg
Want want - 6.2kg

******Actually, mummy herself also very fat, also must slim down... hahaha.....!!!!******


  1. We are back! We have missed all our DWB friends.

    Simba and Jazzi xx