Sunday, July 5, 2009

Who's the biggest & heaviest?

Mummy weighed us just now right after dinner and cleaning up. She recorded our weight and told aunt that she wanted to post on our blog as a record. Ye... so embarrassing! Guess who's the heaviest?

The Top 3 are . . .

Yes, the big baby Cooper boy - 8.4kg!

Cooper: Hi everybody, my eye has finally recovered after 1 month 3/4 weeks of intensive care and wearing the E collar. Tomorrow going for my last check up and should be able to get clearance from my doctor. Now, mummy said I'm overweight, must lose 0.9kg for my size but how I only like to sleep and eat!

The first runner up Waren boy - 7.1kg

Waren: Mummy say I would be perfect if I'm 6.8kg for my size so I have to lose 0.3kg. No problem, that's easy as I'm active and like to play. Now my buddy, Cooper was free from collar so we can start playing again! But I was always being reminded to be careful don't play too rough with Coo coo. They scared I hurt Coo coo eye. So not fun!!!

The 2nd runner up Wally boy - 6.8kg

Wally: My perfect weight should be 6.5kg so mummy told auntie don't buy my fav durian for me. Now is durian season... so sad! I rather eat durian than my dog food. Mummy, please... a little bit nevermind, ok!

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