Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sleepy Wally...

Wally looking very sleepy with tongue sticking out... cute boy! Look at him, getting older each day but still so adorable.

My Sweetheart Wally
Wally: Mummy when are we going to the room to sleep????

Wally: I really can't keep my eye open anymore and the fan is making me sleepy too...


  1. Wally is so cute... Look at his sweet and adorable face... Huggies juz for him

  2. Hi Wally :)
    and win win and sniper and cooper and want want and waren :D
    I just found your blog .... and you've a great blog :)
    I'm sure I'll be visiting your blog often.

    pochi poronchi

  3. Hi Janz, thanks for your huggies!!!

    Hi Poronchi,

    Thanks for dropping by our blog.