Monday, October 12, 2009

Win's 10th Barkday Celebration!

To celebrate my 10th barkday, mummy came home early today to bake a BD cake for me! This was her creation & we cut the cake just now, few hours after dinner. It's so yummy!!! I can never have enough...

My 10th Barkday Cake - Banana & Cinnamon Cake

Win Win: When can I start eating???

Win Win: Ok Mummy, I give u a nice pose to take photo! Faster ok, I'm going to drool over the cake soon... woof woof....!!!!

Win Win & Wally - Both are 10th

Wally: Mummy, I want to take a photo with my girlfriend Win! We are both 10 years old!!!

That's my 10th BD cake but actually the treat began in the morning... Mummy specially baked Tuna milk bun for me last night so I can have it for breakfast! So yummy but mummy said we can only eat this occasionally because we cannot eat too much tuna. This was actually called "Toad in the hole", when you turn the bun over, there's a hole. So cute!

It's a human recipe modified to suit us by using all the healthy ingredients like lactose free milk, unbleached flour, olive oil & unsalted tuna. This was really very delicious, all of us love it!

Barkday's breakfast - Tuna milk bun

I had something special from aunt too... Aunt specially cooked Lamb stew dinner for me. Today we don't have to eat dog kibbles yeah ....!!!

Barkday's Dinner - Lamb & Vegetables Stew

My Barkday present from Di!

Nite Nite! Hope my next barkday will be better than this!!! hahaha!!!

Win Win: Thank you mummy & auntie for all the treats I had today! I'm so satisfied & happy.... Thank you Di for the new cushion sofa! Now I'm so sleepy... Good nite everyone and thanks for all the wishes & huggies!!!


  1. Oh what a cake, what a feast !!!
    Look at that happy face :)
    I'm sure you're now so happy relaxing in your new sofa cushion :)


  2. I'm sure WinWin is really happy on such a special day! Not only is the cake beautiful, it seems really tasty too!

    Have a great day

    best regards

  3. Happy Birthday to you and many more =^_^=

  4. love it! hope WinWin enjoyed it!

  5. Holy Shih Tzu!
    I am almost 10 & want to come to your house for the Birthday party.
    How could you sit for pictures? I'd have dived in & cake on my face (I think that would have made a nice pic). BOL!!