Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Princess Want's 7th Barkday!

Yes, another barkday celebration! Today, it's our little pretty princess Want Want's 7th Barkday! Since yesterday was Sunday, our mummy already baked her some nice treat and we had shepherd pie for dinner! Today, she is going to have a fruity birthday cake made by mummy. Yeah... tonight we have dessert! She is a real vain pop with a very princess attitude, our parent bought her a little mermaid mat for her afternoon nap and a Minne top. She love it so much and her tail was non stop wagging! Just look at how happy, pretty and charming she was in the photos. She happily and willingly posing for mummy to take photos!

Princess Want Want Girl

Want: Wow it's pink and big enough for me to stretch myself for an afternoon nap!

Want: Oh mummy, do I look pretty?

Want: Woof woof... these are all mine! I'm not going to share! hahaha!!!

Want: Mummy, take a photo of my side view... I look even more pretty right!

My 7th barkday's present!

The Little Mermaid Mat

The minnie's top (actually meant for baby but suit me too).

Do come back again for updates Want's Barkday treat.


  1. Happy 7th barkday to u Want Want...
    stay healthy and pretty always...

    Woof Licks..

    Dou Dou..

  2. Happy 7th barkday princess WantWant! (:
    Have a great day.

    best regards

  3. Thank Dou Dou & Vodka for the wishes!

  4. hi there. im winnie from msia. ur shih tzu are soooo adoroble. mind to share little bit of shih tzu with me? seriously i like ur shih tzu, it looks very clean and cute, make me feel like to hugz them. how u maintain their fur colour? i have a 6 mths old shih tzu too, but my shih tzu colour seems fade away compare to last time. and may i know how u clean ur shih tzu's face coz it seems very clean, totally different with mine, mine one look dirty from eye until his mouth. no matter how i clean with the wipe fabric or tissue, but my shih tzu still look dirty.hope to hear from u soon. do u have msn or any others contact so tat we can be friend?

  5. Hi Winnie,

    Thanks for visiting! No problem I will be glad to share how I groom my dogs. I will do a post on how I maintain them. As I'm oversea at the moment, so will do it when I'm back next week.

    Yes, I have msn. Go to my profile page to check my ID.

    Wen & MAST

  6. Thanks Wen & Mast. Happy that u don mind and willing to share with me more about shih tzu. i will add u thru msn soon. and im waiting for u sharing yea. take care! :)


  7. From where did your Mommy buy the Minnie top from? Very cute. I want one too.


  8. Hi Dolly,

    My mummy bought it from a bazaar near her workplace during her lunch break. They sell lots of hello kitty & disney characters baby clothings & accessories. It's only S$6.00 per pc and she regretted not getting more for the rest of us.

  9. Hi wen,

    May i know where is the bazaar located at? i hope to get it for my darling as well.


  10. Hi Winnie,

    I'm not sure where they are now as they move around and don't have a shop.

  11. My mommy found a small booth at Bukit Batok today selling this baby shirt. Comes in Hello Kitty, Pooh Bear, My Melody, and blue colored train design(not sure of the name!)..We both got 1 shirt each.

  12. Hi Dolly & Zoopy,

    Great! We love this shirt very much too!