Monday, November 23, 2009

Want's 7th Barkday Treat

Sunday - 22nd Nov 2009

We had a mini party to celebrate Princess Want's Barkday on Sunday. Our mummy made something special for us. We always enjoyed her cooking and baking. Thank you mummy! We had Italian Beef Treat and Shepherd Pie for dinner.

Italian Beef Treat

Minced beef, eggs, parmesan cheese, tomato paste, milk & unbleached flour mixed together. Roll into balls and baked. A very tasty and yummy beef treat!

Shepherd Pie (Lamb)

Minced beef stewed with herbs, green pea and chopped carrot top with mashed potatoes and baked till golden.

Our delicious dinner

Princess Want Want - A very satisfied look!

Want Want: Mummy it's so yummy, can I have some more...!

Barkday Girl and her favourite pal - Waren

Want Want: Mummy take a photo for me with my best friend and little brother Waren!

My family

Want Want: How can I forget the rest, let's have a family photo on my barkday! Yeah everybody are so cooperative!

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