Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cooper Boy is 9th today!

Happy 9th barkday to our big baby Coo Coo buddy boy - Cooper! We wish that you will stay healthy and happy everyday! Play more and eat less but on your barkday we still want to indulge you! Bought many treats for you and mummy also baked some dog biscuits and barkday cake for you! Enjoy...

Happy barkday to you, happy barkday to you...

Blueberry Barkday Cake

Beef & Cheese Biscuit

Mummy can I don't share with the rest...

Waren & Want are my favourites so I must take photo with them on my barkday!


  1. Happy 9th Barkday to Cooper boy...

  2. Thank you Dou Dou & Dou Nut!

  3. Happy 9th Woofday Cooper boy! We eat home cook food too and that cake looks pawsome. I turned 10 in April but mama says I am her furever baby girl. I bet you are yur mama's baby boy too. :)

  4. Thank you Baby Kiki! Yes we are all our mummy's babies. Mummy always call me big baby because I'm the biggest size among all but I always act like a baby though I'm 9th!