Sunday, September 4, 2011

Daily Living - Jan to Jun 2011

Enjoy some daily living photos of my seven adorable Tzu kids from Jan to Jun 2011 ...

Jan 2011

Feb 2011

Mar - Apr 2011

May - Jun 2011


  1. Hello!

    Chanced upon your blog from googling Ah Loy Thai. Your dogs are cute!

    Can share what brand and model of clipper you use to groom them?


  2. Thanks for dropping by!

    I use Andis AGC Super 2 speed dog clipper.

  3. Hi dear,

    Sorry to bug you again.
    I just bought the clipper from PetEdge, only to realise it is an american set - They dont carry the UK sets. Wish to find out if yours is also an american set and if the product works well with a transformer. Pls advise your setup too.


  4. Hi Annoymous,

    Sorry for my late reply. Mine is the UK set which I can use it Singapore. I remembered I used to have an american set and I use an adaptor. It's still can work.

    Wen aka My Adorable Shih Tzus