Monday, September 10, 2012

Just Groomed!

Just groomed today!

Top left down & up... Wonder, Sniper, Wally, Want, Waren & Cooper!

Have not been updating my darlings well being for sometimes. They are still as cute and adorable as ever... The last grooming session Win Win still around... she was gone for 2 months already. Win Win... mummy miss you! With one gone, the rest of them become even more precious to us... Just after Win passed away not long, Wally got into some skin disease due to allergy to oat and got us all so worried! Thank God! He is well now! Love you all!


  1. Hi Wen,

    May I ask if your fur balls are given any supplements or vitamins? Should we give Shih Tzu's some supplement for heart? I was told by a friend that her shih tzu takes a tablet each day to keep heart disease away. But my friend is in malaysia and not able to tell me what tablet the vet gave her dog.


  2. Hi Sally,

    I don't give any supplement to my shih tzus. I just make sure they are fed with a good brand of dog food that give them all the daily nutrients they need.

    If you are keeping your shih tzu in long coat maybe you need some supplement for the skin and coat.

    If not you can check with the vet the next time you bring your dog to for annual vaccination, the vet can access your dog condition and advise you on the supplement/vitamin to give.

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  4. Hi Wen. Your Tzus look great as usual and love hearing your updates. I am still so sad that Win Win is gone, I can't even imagine. Are you and your Shih Tzus on Facebook, by any chance?? I am thinking you are probably too busy for that, but if you are, I'd love to follow you there. Take care, hugs and kisses to the Tzus.

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  6. There's a Shih Tzu Community in Facebook! This group is a place where people who love Shih Tzu can gather together to chat and discuss the breed, share experiences and offer advice. I think is very useful for all Shih Tzu lovers!

  7. They looks so clean and happy. I can really feel the bond that you have with your pets with all these photos and blogposts. I cannot stop reading your blog.