Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Win is 11th today!

Happy 11th barkday to Win Win! May you stay healthy and happy always!

As usual Win win get a barkday treat from Aunt. She has lamb chop and baked potatoes for dinner but no cake as she is having skin problem. Refraining her from wheat products.

Mummy hope Win win skin problem will get better so mummy can make a cake for you!


  1. Happy birthday to Winwin!

  2. Hi Mayvin,

    Thanks for the wishes!

  3. hi there, i'm a new follower! I LOVE shih tzus, they are very loving! I have a shih tzu too and blog about her!! Happy birthday to Winwin!

  4. Hi Mabel,

    Thank you so much and your Cinnamon is so cute!

  5. Winwin is so cute and lovely. Belated happy birthday to Winwin. As regards to her skin problem, have you tried applying Colloida Silver spary? I love dogs, they give human lots of joy. Mine is a miniature schnauzer. Her name is Ruby.

  6. Hi Quay Po Cooks & Ruby,

    Thank you for the belated wishes and dropping by to visit us.

    By the way, what spray is that? Available in pet shop, vetinary or pharmarcies?

    Nice meeting you...