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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy 8th Barkday to Princess Want Want

My princess girl, Want Want is 8th! Happy barkday! Stay healthy and happy always!!!

She is still so pretty like a sweet baby girl! Don't you think

Want want girl playing with her barkday present!

Want: "Mummy why never make cake for me?"
Mummy: "Aiyo mummy is busy this week, will give you some baked treat this weekend ok? Aunt will cook a yummy salmon dinner for you darling!"

Cute sandwich cake toy from Doggyfriend.


  1. Happy Happy birthday to Want Want! You are just such a beautiful girl and I really love your bday cake toy. Sorry you can't actually eat it, but enjoy chewing it!

  2. Thanks Sybil for your wish! Woof woof! yes I enjoyed chewing!